Friday, May 8, 2009

Overweight and Healthy?

I have had people ask me if it is possible to be overweight and healthy. The vast majority of the time, the question is posed by someone who knows they could stand to lose some pounds.

They tell me that their blood pressure is good, cholesterol levels low, blood work fine, etc. I like to tell the story of a doctor friend I know. His nurse approached him and asked him to review his patient's latest vital signs. He went down the list and everything looked great. He told the nurse that it looked like Mrs. Jones was ready to be discharged. The nurse looked at him strangely and replied, "But doctor, Mrs. Jones is in a coma."

Are you merely your vital signs? Or are you more than that? Your vital signs may be able to give you markers for certain disease (though even that is debatable), however, they can tell you little about the quality of your life. Mrs. Jones may have looked great on paper, but her quality of life was next to nothing.

If you are overweight, you are most definitely suffering from a decrease in quality of life. You may experience this in many different ways including difficulty climbing stairs, embarrassment when sitting in small chairs, inability to run around with your children, or a multitude of aches and pains.

The great news is that any step you take toward becoming a healthy weight will increase your quality of life! That means, forgoing the double cheeseburger for a salad filled with fresh, organic veggies and vinaigrette, or parking in the farthest parking spot and walking to the store, or taking a swim instead of lounging on the couch will all help to get you where we all want to be. Take one step today and keep it up until you are ready to add another. Before you know it, you will be feeling better than ever and realize that the weight is melting off!

It is possible for everyone to be a healthy weight. It is possible for you!

In Love & Gratitude~

*As a side note, I welcome your comments and questions. Who knows? You may see your question answered in the next blog!*

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