Friday, October 23, 2009

Who You "Be"?

Writing has always been therapeutic and cathartic for me. I tend to write more during times of inner contemplation or duress, or maybe what I write in those times just turns out better. Regardless, I am at a point of self-discovery, hence, I write.

Though I have always had the sense that my soul has lived many lifetimes, this current experience is new to me. I have never professed expertise on the inner workings of the universe though I often ponder such things. We really are all here to learn.

Recently, I was given the incredible opportunity to learn with a soul who may have at least had the life experience to understand a bit more about these essential truths. He, too, knows a thirst for knowledge, and I am happy to allow him to impart his relatively new wisdom.

The week was comprised of many routine exercises and worldly pieces of information, but it was within the structure we found the truth. As aspiring speakers, we came seeking information from one of the best so that our messages might be heard throughout the world. What we did not expect was that our lives would be forever impacted while within the walls of that room.

We meditated, we hugged, we laughed, and we cried. We learned about speaking and teaching and facilitating. We sang, we danced, we spoke, we listened. But there was something magical that took place through it all. Most of all, we loved.

While I was initially focused on the “doing”, I was gently directed back to the “being”. You see, all of the information in the “stuff I know, need to know or will know” files is just stuff. It is who I am that is the teacher, the student, the philosopher, the mother, the lover, the loved. When all of that is stripped away, one will find only love.

I awoke at 4 a.m. with the powerful sense of certainty that what I know is only a small sliver of one very large pie. While some may have a larger slice, they can never “know” the whole thing. That is, unless they know love. Love is truly all that is. Everything else is just stuff.

The most incredible thing about this new insight is that when you have the whole pie, you can share it freely. Where love flows, abundance follows.

Though I am young in age, I am filled with love, and therefore, I know enough.

I know how to cross barriers and stereotypes, how to sing from my soul, how to dance with my spirit and how to fill my own cup. I know how to reach out my hand and leave the other to receive. I know how to truly embrace another and how to look them in the eye. I know how to speak to someone without ever opening my mouth and I know how to listen when though the language may be foreign.

It has given me an uncanny sense of clarity though not all will be capable of understanding. That’s ok. I know how to love them, too. It is who I “be” that will teach and empower the world, what I “know” will make it accessible, and how I love will that transcend all.

Thank you to Jack Canfield and everyone who made that room so special.

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