Sunday, October 4, 2009

Warm Up!

As my son and I started our walk to the park today, I found myself turning back into the house to grab extra jackets and a blanket. I guess that means fall has arrived even in sunny California!

Those chilly Fall days can cause even the most active of us (yes, me included) to want to curn up with a hot cup of tea and read a book about diet and exercise, rather than actually participate! Here are a few tips to keep your diet/exercise routine nice and warm this Fall:

1. Schedule your exercise at a time when you know you will be coming from somewhere else. (i.e. after work) This way you will be less tempted to just call it a p.j. day.

2. If it's too chilly outside, move your workout indoors. As the seasons change, you can change up your workout as well!

3. When it comes to food, make up large pots of soup on your days off and freeze for later use. Not only is this a great way to use lots of nourishing, seasonal veggies, but it's a huge timesaver!

4. Make sure to eat your omegas! As we begin to approach the cooler months, seasonal depression can start to kick in and really put a damper on your workouts. Eating omega-rich foods AND taking a good omega supplement will keep you healthy and happy!

5. Bundle up with a buddy. Having a workout buddy can help keep you motivated, keep you accountable, and make the weather seem just a little less chilly!

A Healthy Dose of Love & Gratitude~


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