Monday, March 9, 2009

All Aboard the Blogging Train!

Hello all!
I am so happy to announce the creation of my new and improved blog. I will discuss topics ranging from food additives to farming, eating to cleansing, and cardio to meditation. I am so happy to bring you the latest, up-to-date information and archive it for you so you are able to access it at any time.

I look forward to hearing your questions, comments, and suggestions!

As always, with Love and Gratitude~


1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Erin!! this is very exciting and will be a great learning experience for all. I look forward to your valued information and the responses from others who share our vision. As a community we all have concern and input as to gain more control over what we want in our lives, particularly a overall healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle promotes wellness within and then we are obl;igated to share that information with our community and to those we care about, just the way you setforth! Again congratulations and many blessings!