Monday, March 16, 2009

"Gorgeously Green" by Sophie Uliano I normally will not endorse a book until I have finished it, but I am so excited about this one, I can't wait! Those of you who know me know I usually have 2 or 3 books going at once and I plan to review many of them in this blog. "Gorgeously Green" is a fabulous New York Times Best Seller that espouses green living in every aspect of life. Uliano addresses how to "green" everything from your diet, to your beauty products, to your household, to your clothes. She has a fabulous list of resources in every chapter and has come up with answers to questions that even this mostly green gal had trouble finding a solution to.

For example, that really gross vinyl shower curtain was the bane of my existence as I do not use bleach to clean but couldn't find anything that seemed to remove the grime. Uliano points out that a bamboo shower curtain is not only better for the environment, but it is anti-bacterial and water resistant. (I have mine on order now and I'll keep you updated as to how it works.)

The skin is the largest organ we have, so I have always been conscious of make-up, lotions, fragrances, shampoos, etc. The difficulty with this, for me, was that I found it difficult to find many items that were truly organic. I live in a smaller town and don't have the luxury of a Whole Foods-type store with a huge selection. Uliano gives some wonderful product recommendations that can be purchased online, which is wonderful.

Uliano's next book "The Gorgously Green Diet: How to Live Lean and Green" will be available April 16th and I look forward to a review of this one. For more information about "Gorgeously Green" visit Uliano's website at

Happy Reading!

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