Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cancer: Cured

I am often asked to donate money, time, etc. to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Koman, etc. and have declined. This is sometimes difficult for me because I know the people who are trying to raise the monies think they are doing a great service...and I don't blame them for thinking so. Unfortunately, the reality of many organizations such as these is that they are searching for "cures" in the form of more drugs and more procedures. "Prevention" is a major focus as well, in the form of screenings. But, if we screen people for cancer and find out they have it, isn't it too late to prevent it? They already have it!

Well, this may be news to you, but we all have cancer cells in our bodies. When we are healthy, our body knows how to get rid of them. It is only when we have some toxicity (smoking, food additives, fluoride, pollution) or deficiency (water, vitamins, minerals) that our body is not able to fend off cancer cells and they begin to divide and multiply.

So...wouldn't it make sense then, that if we nourish the body and remove all toxic materials, the body could do its job? A man named Dr. Max Gerson found that this cured cancer (and many other dis-ease) back in 1928!!! Over 80 years ago!

Dr. Gerson found that by giving patients an organic, vegan diet, coffee enemas, juicing, and supplementation, a great majority of his patients (who had been given a death sentence by allopathic doctors) made full recoveries. If you visit the Gerson website (www.gerson.org) you can find a number of case studies in areas from melanoma to multiple sclerosis to diabetes to infertility.

So, if you aren't already wondering why this therapy is not being widely publicized and used, you should be! Cancer is big bucks and Gerson Therapy is not patentable and therefore can be used or performed by anyone with access to proper food and supplements. Dr. Gerson and his therapy is widely ridiculed by allopathy as being "unscientific" or as having "not enough research", but his results are far better than any studies in the areas of chemotherapy and radiation! Maybe he should have been ridiculed for developing treatment that did not have the capacity to make big money as that is the real issue.

"The Beautiful Truth" is a great documentary with some of the basic information, but if you or someone you love has cancer or any other debilitating or life threatening illness, I urge you to look into Gerson Therapy. It just may save their life.

Love and Gratitude~


  1. Just want you to know that I have really loved reading your blogs! You are inspiring and motivating. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Alyssa from the bottom of my heart. It is a pleasure to spread the message and inspiring to me to receive feedback such as yours!

  3. Medical Science does not like homeopathic remedys because they discredit their theories. We need science, but unfortunately the community is threatened by truths that do not require a doctorate and 20 years of testing to be effective. Thanks for the info.