Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dispensible You?

We live in a society where "quick and easy" seems to be the motto. Almost everything seems to be dispensible, disposable, or at best, recyclable. So our world is filled with paper plates, paper shopping bags, e-waste, old cars, disposable diapers, disposable this and dispensible that.

It is no wonder that we treat our body as if it is disposable also! The messages in our media state, "If you get too fat, just get the lap band!", "If you're too ugly, we can fix that, too!", "Heck, you didn't really need that body part anyway!" and if you are still hesitant, "We can give you a new and improved (insert body part here)!". But let's examine where this mentality has gotten us.

Our need for more dispensible things has put us in our current economic situation, has made humans (by far) the sickest species on the planet, has put our one and only planet in a state of crisis, and has given us a big pile of crap (pardon my French) in return.

You ARE NOT dispensible! You are given one physical body that is supposed to last for your 120 years! When you fill it with greasy hamburgers, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, toxic cleaners, pesticides, antibiotics, drugs, soda, etc. and do not give it the things it needs (fruit, veggies, water, protein, sunlight, etc.) it will die! That is the harsh reality, folks. No amount of medical intervention can keep you alive if you do not do the things necessary for your survival. Period.

My plea is that you treat your body as if it is the only one you've got, because it is! The human body was created with a perection that is so beyond our comprehension we can only begin to understand the minute (yet vital) workings of it.

Think of your most valued possession...something that means the world to you. Think of that wedding gown, car, antique, piece of jewelery, etc. How would you feel if someone poured alcohol on it, blew cigarette smoke on it, broke off a piece of it, poured toxic chemicals on get the picture. So why is it ok to do this to our bodies? Why do we deplore this type of behavior when it comes to our "valued" possessions and not when we do it to the one thing that truly belongs to us alone?

Treat your body as the indispensible thing it is.

As always, with Love and Gratitude~


  1. Erin: Your analogy with the wedding gown is terrific and so visual. Although we would never want to pour those items on the gown, we do it so effortlessly to our own bodies! A great visual concept. Bravo. TKP

  2. Erin, your writing is sensible and informative. I like the 120 but my target age may be 99 years! I am am a strong believer in information and tips being sent and read on a regular basis, they seem to stick after awhile, thus giving the reader a slow introduction to a healthier lifestyle. I will pass your site on to my daughter with 3 children , she is a health advocate and would enjoy this site. I subscribed to the newsletter as well.It is fun being out of the country and being able to access good health info.. Gracias! Joani E. Mazatlan, Mexico

  3. Thank you for posting this...This was a great reminder to treat our bodies better!