Monday, March 9, 2009

What is the Wellness Paradigm?

The wellness paradigm is an ancient concept in comparison to the current health care model. I will put it very simply in layman's terms.

Healthcare practicioners consider a double-blind controlled study paramount to the proof of efficacy of any type of medicine or modality. For years, they have complained that holistic practices are "unproven" in these types of studies. Why? Holistic practicioners are asking different questions, and therefore reach different conclusions. Here's what I mean.

Say, for example, I want to know whether or not water helps wilting plants. According to a double-blind study, I would split the plants into 2 groups. One will receive water, and the other will receive "fake" water. At the end of my study, according to the health care model, I would look at all of my plants and see that they are still wilting. I would then reach the conclusion that water does not help treat wilting plants.

Let's say, however, that my question is different. I want to know whether or not the water helped bring the plants closer to homeostasis. Did it? Of Course! So, is it possible that just because the water did not stop the plants from wilting that it still could play a very important role in helping the plants to reach their full potential? Is it possible that if we give them other things they need such as sunlight we can help them to reach their full potential as well?

The goal of the wellness paradigm is to bring the body back to homeostasis. It is not to treat a symptom. The syptoms are just that...they are symptoms of some cause. That cause may be chemical, emotional, or physical, but it is ALWAYS just a symptom of the body falling away from homeostasis.

Here's to a life of homeostasis!

Love and Gratitude~


  1. Erin--I love this! I love the way you write, too. I will be putting this on my Bookmark page and checking in frequently. Maria Eyles

  2. Erin, love your writing!! I start Palmer next week and am excited to get moving with my Chiropractic career. Dr. Chestnut is absolutely brilliant! Glad I came across your blog!

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